breastfeeding support

breastfeeding is a truly wonderful experience. providing a deep and soulful connection between mum & baby. and the perfect nutrition for the growth & development of your baby.

breastfeeding is a beautifully natural process, yet it’s not always easy. starting out can be a little daunting for mum & baby as you both get used to one another. practice and perseverance is the key as the rewards and benefits for mum & baby are huge. mumsmilk loves supporting our mums on this truly wonderful journey.


mumsmilk care antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding consultations

  • antenatal – addressing your current concerns incl. previous breastfeeding challenges
  • all your breastfeeding questions & concerns
  • nipple pain & damage
  • nipple infections including thrush
  • vasospasm/raynauds syndrome of the nipple
  • milk bleb
  • low / over milk supply
  • engorgement, blocked ducts & mastitis
  • breast augmentation & reduction
  • baby slow weight gain
  • breast refusal, sleepy/fussy baby
  • twins & multiple births
  • relactation

what to expect at a mumsmilk consultation

allow 1.5 to 2 hours for an initial mumsmilk breastfeeding consultation. a mumsmilk lactation consultation includes a comprehensive history taking & observation of a breastfeed. with your permission we will examine your breast and your baby’s mouth to help find tailored strategies to suit your specific needs. mumsmilk will then provide you with a detailed management plan and a follow up call to check-in with you on how it’s all going. the best of care for both mum & baby.
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