low level laser therapy

the onset of breastfeeding problems can make life very challenging for new mums. we’ve all heard the stories of mums battling the pain of damaged nipples, blocked ducts or mastitis in those early days.

mumsmilk is offering a very effective treatment option for these conditions: low level laser therapy is designed to accelerate the healing of our body’s tissues. including mums life giving breasts!

when is low level laser therapy used?

  • sore, damaged nipples
  • blocked ducts
  • mastitis
  • healing problems after birth injuries (eg. tear, episiotomy, caesarean scar)
  • haemorrhoids

for breastfeeding mums, laser therapy can be highly effective for accelerated wound healing. most mums with nipple trauma report accelerated healing of the nipple and pain relief following their first treatment. the anti-inflammatory & anti-swelling effect of lllt is beneficial in clearing blocked ducts and supporting the healing process for mums with mastitis. It becomes a powerful alternative treatment when antibiotics need to be avoided.

lllt can also a very effective tool with painful or slow healing injuries post birth. on mums perineum or caesarian scar, lllt may provide quick relief and marked improvement. it is also very helpful in the treatment of painful haemorrhoids.

low level laser therapy

what is low level laser therapy?

low level laser therapy has been used successfully in almost every area of human and veterinary medicine where accelerated wound healing, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect is required.

in maternity, midwives and lactation consultants in germany, austria, south africa and brazil have been using lllt with great results. they all value its natural healing power as an effective therapy with no side effects, low cost and ease of application.

in the medical world lllt is referred to as a ‘regulation and photo therapy’. this means it reactivates the metabolism of destroyed or damaged cells by naturally stimulating the cells own powerful healing mechanism. this photochemical reaction is a little like the way skin absorbs sunlight to produce vitamin d.

what does a mumsmilk low level laser treatment look like?

mumsmilk is achieving outstanding results for our mums with laser therapy. we offer lllt consultations in our rooms or in your own home. the duration and frequency of treatment depends on the severity of the trauma, the underlying cause and mum’s healing response.

laser therapy is a gentle and painless treatment with no known side-effects when applied by a trained and experienced practitioner. all mumsmilk practitioners are fully trained. mums sometimes report a very minor tingling on application – a sign that the tissue is responding to the stimulation in real time. lllt (in contrast to the hard laser used in surgery or hair removal) does not destroy precious tissues.

while lllt can be a highly effective alternative treatment, it’s vital that we get a full picture of mums individual situation prior to treatment. this typically involves a thorough assessment of mum & baby and an observation of a breastfeed. only then can we identify and address the underlying cause of mums breastfeeding challenges.

low level laser therapy