mumsmilk is all about care for mum & baby. before, during and after treatment.

we are particularly proud of the connection we make with our mums and the unsolicited feedback they share with us.

here are a few beautiful quotes from mums who we’ve cared for recently. there are many more reviews to read. please visit us on facebook.

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“Gabi’s personal, kind and holistic approach was a Godsend. Being a first time Mom with mastitis and cracked nipples on both sides and a five day old baby to care for was really distressing. After a single session with Gabi I felt like everything was going to be ok. She gently helped me with my technique, armed with me things to try, gave me lots of resources and most importantly gave me a huge boost of confidence. The lazer was a miracle cure for both the cracks and mastitis and totally painless. Best of all, I never had to leave the comfort of my own bed!”
Kim Grayson
Intensive Care/Emergency Medicine Doctor

“I wanted to thank you again for the amazing help you gave me during a very difficult time. I appreciate you seeing me on a Sunday and taking such great care of me.

While it was a big obstacle, Isabella and I are back on track and breast feeding is going well. I am actually enjoying it. Something I didn’t think I would say.

Thanks again and if I have any other problems I won’t hesitate to call.”
Zara x

“Breastfeeding is definitely a skill that all mothers and babies have to learn and it seems like you will never be able to master this skill especially when you have sore nipples as a result of poor latching which then leads to mastitis.

Gabi’s services was recommended to me at a time when I was at my wits end. The thought of feeding my baby again would make me so anxious and tearful. Gabi came to my home for my initial consultation. She spent an hour and a half with me teaching me and using her laser on my nipples. It was magic! I felt the difference almost immediately. Gabi’s energy and gentle nature is just what I needed at the time.

When I got mastitis, I saw Gabi again and again her laser worked its magic on my lumps. My little boy also got a nappy rash that we just couldn’t get on top of. My husband recommended calling Gabi to see if we could use the laser to help repair the skin. Gabi confirmed that we could with no harm being done to the baby. After 3 treatments, the rash finally started to get better.

I would highly recommend the services of Mums milk to all those Mom’s who are looking for a treatment that works, quickly.”

“I have used the mumsmilk lactation service with both of my children. I found Gabi to be well informed regarding the latest evidence based practice and she was really personable and understanding. I had the works- chronic breast thrush, chronic blocked ducts, vasospasm, daughters with breast refusal and tongue ties and also low supply! Gabi was able to guide me through all these issues and for things out of her scope eg medication prescription, she referred on to excellent doctors.

What impressed me the most was her kindness, compassion, genuine concern and ongoing follow up. She also offers some unique services such as laser and is also great value for money when compared to other LC’s. Despite all my issues I am still breastfeeding my second child thanks to mumsmilk and Gabi!!!”
Alicia W.