parenting support

the first few days together after birth are some of the most memorable of our lives. chances are you will be bathing in the rich glow of happiness. that said, you might also feel somewhat exhausted from the birth or even a little overwhelmed by the new demands of parenting. the “crash course” in baby care you had from the midwives might well be a fading memory. or you might even feel a bit confused about the conflicting advice you’re hearing.

mumsmilk provides mum & baby with the care you need during this important time of adjustment. We provide holistic support with practical guidance and effective strategies tailored to your needs.

mumsmilk care for mum & baby includes:

  • debriefing your pregnancy & birth experience
  • experienced, warm & emphatic listeners
  • breastfeeding support
  • general baby care such as bathing, swaddling & feeding
  • sleeping & settling techniques
  • developing & establish a rhythm that suits your families routine
  • bottle feeding support including preparation, feeding & sterilisation
  • many more practical hints
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